Monday, April 6, 2020


aid v px Prevent Coronavirus
Prevent Coronavirus
The spreading of the Coronavirus between people was just like the normal virus spreading, but the impacts have been devastating in terms of human loss and other financial losses that include bilateral trade. However, the USA reported on Feb 2 was their first report. 
It clearly said that they have the first case of a person to person virus in one of their citizens. However, people who didn’t travel to China directly or in-directly also got influenza and they were from many different countries, making it more dangerous than it seems. 
The countries are the USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam, Japan and France. The virus spreading happened via air i.e. through cough and sneezing. It also happened through personal contact i.e. touching or shaking hands.
In addition to this, there are reasons which include through an object or a surface with viral particles and finally fecal contamination. It’s just like any other virus that travels through the air, however, the impacts are deadly for the affected and have caused massive deaths and raised alarms all over the world. 
It has also resulted in flight delays, cancellations and diverts from many airports due to the deadly nature of the virus that originated from a Seafood market in Wuhan.
Courtesy of MBE BLOG

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