Tuesday, September 8, 2020



Power Of Social Networking Revealed By Covid

Coronavirus, the pandemic that has been a cause of many deaths lately in the world. It has significantly revealed the power of social networking e.g. Facebook. The site Facebook has been in constant use for media exposures, awareness campaigns, online buying, and selling. Most likely due to lockdown and many other campaigns that are active daily on Facebook.

Despite the fast spreading of the pandemic, people took early action to protect themselves, their families, and their communities. Hence, social media & networking especially Facebook played a huge role in the early awareness campaigns for the pandemic Coronavirus. Some people reacted with a panic buying and stockpiling of goods that revealed the fragile nature of COVID-19. Social media also helped communities in mobilizing themselves in reaching out to isolated areas and people to solve their problems. Whatsapp & Facebook are the platforms mostly used for group centered awareness. A global application of the two platforms in various geo-locations for the pandemic control measures.

‘Group sourcing’ is a term that is derived from ‘outsourcing’ that has been used to describe this phenomenon. An act of making groups and creating a group awareness. Social network communication systems is an entity most Facebook users are well aware of. Especially, the friend network they need is already in place for an awareness network.

Author: Alamdar Hussain

Courtesy: MBE Blog

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