Thursday, April 9, 2020


Canada Emergency response benefit
Canada Emergency response benefit
The loan scenario is a bit different for large businesses, however, in most circumstances, it is for SMEs. Ironically, they are the ones that are most affected under the current crisis of ‘COVID-19’ according to the Prime Minister.

CERB is a dedicated benefits scheme for people who lost their jobs, got sick and went into quarantine in current times. It is a program that offers income support for a period of 16 weeks. The amount that the Govt. shall pay to those who are eligible is $2000 per month until the situation gets stable.

A response benefit scheme that shows the strength of the Canadian economy under such extreme and helpless circumstances due to the pandemic COVID-19. Prime Minister, Justin is positive that Canada will fight against ‘COVID-19’ with full force, determination, and brains.

Courtesy of MBE BLOG

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