Friday, April 17, 2020


Optimism necessary against corona
Optimism necessary against corona

To fight against the pandemic COVID-19 it’s important to be positive and fight with pure optimism and positivity. According to most motivators and positive thinkers what’s important is the attitude in the fight against COVID-19. According to them, it’s not that it is away, in fact, it’s the only way left.

The primary thing is to reduce the pressure and fear from the mind of the unseen. This is in simple terminologies known as ‘Fear of the unseen’.

COVID-19 is something intangible, that can’t be touched or seen. Hence, this is the main reason people fear COVID-19 as they are in most cases dealing with a highly unpredictable scenario. Scenarios can fluctuate according to the conditions but the current condition wants us to have an awareness level for the pandemic. A cause of many devastations, business losses, shutdowns, and a huge loss to the hospitality & tourism industry in Canada. The attitude of people especially regular corporate workers, employees, and businessmen while sitting at home has changed. The mindset is more negative than it used to be before; hence, it is much more important to be positive in such a scenario.

As the President of MBE Inc. Syed Mansoor Naqvi is highly aware of his roles and responsibilities. It’s the duty of the leadership to act as a Captain of the ship while making sure that the ship sails smoothly to its destination.

‘Positivity’ is a lesson every one of us must remember as “A ray of light is enough to make the world enlightened”. What’s important is how you are taking things in times of distress and misery and it’s a test of your nerves and a challenge to you imposed naturally. Just prove to be good enough to take the challenges of life as COVID-19 is just one little example. 

Author: Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi
Courtesy: MBE BLOG

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