Tuesday, April 7, 2020


most affected countries with COVID
Most Affected countries with COVID
The most suffered country to date is Italy. However, Spain, UK, Germany, and France have also suffered in terms of deaths and the economy. The COVID-19 risks have raised many eyebrows with fears that there could be recessions on the global economy. Something similar to what came in 2009, 11 years from today and it affected most continents. However, if we talk with respect to investments, the country risks have fluctuated and varied because of coronavirus.

There have been huge variances in the European continent. Italy is suffering the most with a complete lockdown for weeks resulting in a downward graph in Total GDP. The forecasts for GDP have been dubious. This is especially true for many affected countries especially the ones in the top 10 Total GDP list.

Hence, there are confusions over how effective are the containment efforts. The immense losses have also proved that recovery will not arrive soon. Significant negative change overreactions of consumers and pricing strategies, as prices have increased in most industries. The COVID-19 economical impacts can’t be predictable in a short period of time. Economists all over the world are of the opinion that it should take at least 4-5 months for recovery. This is only applicable if the virus gets under control soon.

However, if the situation gets worse. Hence, the recovery process time from coronavirus might increase. This is highly dependent on the scenario, circumstances, and total time frame.

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