Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Safety Readiness Tips In Coronavirus

Safety tips and Govt.’s instructions to fights against the pandemic COVID-19 have really helped in the recovery process. This is with a special tribute to the Canadian authorities who have not only made strict laws, followed the international laws, and continuously implemented certain measures that have been recognized as highly wanted to combat COVID-19. The pandemic is transferable through physical contacts which mean handshakes, hugs and being too close to each other.

 As most countries are following the rules of social distancing, the Canadian provinces have imposed strict social distancing laws. This means that not more than a maximum of fifteen people should be allowed at one time in a gathering.

Regular hand-washing has been made mandatory especially after interactions, handling anything from outside, or if you are in doubt of virus symptoms. The regular handwashing technique is for at-least twenty-seconds with a soap or hand wash to remove germs from hands. The best way during mandatory interactions is to avoid any handshakes or hugs that might cause the transition of the virus to others. These are all imposed rules and regulations by the Govt. of Canada as part of the social distancing measures introduced by the Govt. Hence, this is a vital responsibility of the citizens to follow the rules of social distancing to combat COVID-19.

Another mandatory measure is to wear a cloth face cover or mask that helps in preventing the germs from traveling from person to person. Medical science has proved that people can make themselves safe and secure from the germs only if they strictly cover their faces with masks.    

Regular cleaning and dis-infection of home, utilities, daily consumption items, toiletries and other things of regular use like mobiles, laptops, and work from home devices. All items must be regularly disinfected to fight against the pandemic COVID-19. 

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