Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Distance For Safety

Distancing is a precaution that should be taken for a considerable amount of time in these COVID-19days. According to American Red Cross and WHO, it’s important that people maintain social distancing, keep a 6 feet distance while conversing, work from home and avoid all kinds of social gatherings and parties to create a safe environment in the future. Adhering to the CDC regulations is highly important as part of every individual’s social responsibility.

The govt. of Canada and most countries have announced a lock-down for safety measurements amid coronavirus, which means prefer working from home for some time. Use social media, skype, and other media tools on the internet like WhatsApp as a means of communications, meetings, and managing office tasks. A responsible environment is a safe environment as it is a highly aware environment for the future of others. Team working is still manageable while sharing tasks, and making fruitful discussions. What’s important for the Govt. of Canada is to come out of the pandemic as soon as possible. As they have already demonstrated that it’s not about earning profits in current times.

Courtesy: MBE Blog

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