Tuesday, September 8, 2020


 Human Imapcts Of COVID How Businesses Can Help

The extension of the closure of the Canada-US border is yet another setback news in the wake of ‘COVID-19’ updates. The border is the longest border in the world is used every day for commuting by millions of people. This is due to the good friendly relationship enjoyed by Canada and the USA. Especially, in terms of bilateral trade, and playing a strong part in the North American region. North America is full of bounties for those who know how to reap the fruits of hard work. Commuters use the border on a daily basis for deliveries, going for vacations, trade purposes, and many other useful means.

The border closure dates are being extended till 21st June 2020. This is due to COVID-19 and it has come as a surprise in the wake of the pandemic. The most surprising is the amount of time that the extension is made until. Hence, for a busy and long border like the magnitude of Canada and the USA seems too much.

Courtesy: MBE Blog

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